Basic PTP rules #1
Posted on 2:19 pm 10/19/2018
Here are a few basic Paid-to-Promote guidelines. Follow these to gain the most profit from your efforts and avoid experiencing issues with your account.

1. Only promote your PTP link at approved domains. Learn more about this.
2. Do not place your link in a rotator and do not use other PTP sites to advertise your link.
3. Do not place your link in an autosurf, popup/pop under.
4. Never deliberately click on your own link.
5. Have fun and do your best to win any PTP contest available.

Traffic sources are recorded, cheating will not be tolerated.
Anyone caught cheating our systems will lose access to the PTP contest, forfeit all PTP earnings and at's sole discretion face account deletion entirely.
Re: Basic PTP rules #2
Posted on 5:48 pm 10/23/2018
Hello admin,

Thanks for this PTP list I\'ve joined and I\'d like to promote afroclix's PTP on it but it\'s not on your list. Could you check it for addition to the list?
Same question for Donkeymails: may I promote my PTP link on it?
Last edited by LadyMouse on 5:56 pm 10/23/2018
Re: Basic PTP rules #3
Posted on 9:43 am 12/30/2018
Hello admin,i not get 0.5$ for this week PTP content ,fix it thanks
Re: Basic PTP rules #4
0.00 $
Posted on 1:59 am 03/19/2019,466428.0.html,466428.0.html
Last edited by pvacheva on 2:04 am 03/19/2019
Re: Basic PTP rules #5
Posted on 4:52 am 04/18/2019
@pvacheva, congratulations and thank you for promoting your payment proofs on other forums.

I have added $0.01 to your balance.

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